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Entering Hengtai Yitong ------ Celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the motherland

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Place a wave, vicissitudes of life. Today is the 72nd anniversary of our motherland, Jiangsu Hengtai Yitong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. held a flag-raising ceremony.

With the solemn \"righteous military\" sound, the bright five-star red flag is launched, slowly rises, all the personnel are solemn, sing national anthem, to the great motherland to pay lofty respect. There are also 7 small pioneers and 3 children in the crowd and 3 small children, and witness this special festival.


From the 72nd anniversary of the motherland, the motherland is experiencing the hardships of the wind and rain. On the occasion of the 72nd birthday of the motherland, the audience shouted with a grateful heart and the true feelings from the lungs, told our great motherland: Motherland, hello! Motherland, I love you!

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Jiangsu Hengtai Yitong New Energy New Technology Co., Ltd. will be the beautiful wish and blessing of our Hengtai Yitong, rising together with the national flag of our great motherland. The banner is our company's God, the flag is the company's soul, the flag is our goal, the flag is our direction. We have witnessed and rose Hengtai Yitong's banner. We should be more effort, more united, and more self-disciplined build Hengtai Yitong's \"excellent bloodline \", shouldering us for society, for the company, The family's responsibility is responsible, and the banner of our Hengtai Yitong inserts the five lakes. Here, the audience is sincere and enthusiastic to express your sacred banner: Hengtai Yitong, hello! Hengtai Yitong, I love you!


Huang Zhenlong, chairman of Hengtai Yitong, is an important speech under the flag. The audience is applause, a high voice, the audience is high. Finally, in the sound of fireworks and firecrackers, the flag will be completed.


Let us bless the motherland happy birthday! National prosperity! I wish Hengtai Yitong steamed up! Creative good results!