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  • Entering Hengtai Yitong ------ Celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the motherland
    Place a wave, vicissitudes of life. Today is the 72nd anniversary of our motherland, Jiangsu Hengtai Yitong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. held a flag-raising ceremony. With the solemn \"righteous military\" sound, the bright five-star red flag is launched, slowly rises, all the personnel are solemn, sing national anthem, to the great motherland to pay lofty respect. There are also 7 small pioneers and 3 children in the crowd and 3 small children, and witness this special festival. From the 72nd anniversary of the motherland, the motherland is experiencing the hardships of the wind and rain. On the occasion of the 72nd birthday of the motherland, the audience shouted with a grateful heart and the true feelings from the lungs, told our great motherland: Motherland, hello! Motherland, I love you! Jiangsu Hengtai Yitong New Energy New Technology Co., Ltd. will think with the wishes and blessings of our Hengtai Yitong, followed us the great ancestors
  • \"Jiangsu Hengtai Yitong New Energy Technology \" Rongdeng CCTV Advertising
    July 13th to August 13, 2020, \"Jiangsu Hengtai Yitong New Energy Technology \" Rongdeng CCTV advertisement, meet the national audience! Jiangsu Hengtai Yitong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016, situated in the Binhu of Taihu - Wuxi; covers an area of ​​12,000 square meters, a professional engage in electric vehicle power supply series, high and low voltage power energy storage conversion management system Electrical and electronic complete equipment and components, energy saving collectors, environmental protection, intelligence and wind, light, water, electricity, new energy products research and development design and production and sales. In the information age of \"fragmentation \", there is no authority, and the audience has been scattered by massive content, and it is impossible to become a good relying on brand communication. In contrast, CCTV as a large medium that has been integrated into hundreds of millions of people, in the contemporary media environment, is a real scarce platform in the contemporary media, is the center of the media in the middle of the media.